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Valid from 04/07/2022 to 26/08/2022

With the Outdoor Card, sport aficionados and adventure seekers can get even more from the summer.

Climbing, canyoning and 3-D archery – each day the programme features something different. The free shuttle service will pick you and your family up from the hotel and bring you back afterwards.

Accompanied by the Arlberg Alpin team, our hotel guests can enjoy the fabulous alpine scenery whilst walking or climbing in the local mountains; experience canyoning and hydrospeed in crystal-clear streams, or try 3D archery.

With the Outdoor Card our hotel guests have the opportunity of participating in this exciting weekly programme.  


THE Filomena


Your heart is pumping. You’re amazed at your own daring, and at how good it feels to be brave. And it’s all really easy, because a helpful very professional person is beside you. Let yourself be motivated into jumping through icy rivers and soaring high in the air.


Monday: Hydrospeed
Tuesday: Climbing on the Rüfikopf
Wednesday: Family canyoning
Thursday: Archery
Friday: Family canyoning

Klettern mit Arlberg Alpin, Outdoor Card

Feel joy

Arlberg Alpin, Waldcamp

Have you ever had a go on a rope slide? Or tried shooting bows and arrows like a Red Indian or a hunter?

Arlberg Alpin, Familiencayoning

Outdoor programme

Arlberg Alpin, Bogenschießen

For children (from 5 years of age), mums, dads, aunties, grandads, friends ...

Familiarise yourself with a traditional bow and arrow like a hunter stalking. Or, wearing a wet suit, helmet and safety belt, you can explore the world of canyoning.


Klettern, Arlberg Alpin

Climbing for the whole family

Klettern mit Arlberg Alpin

The light-hearted approach to climbing, securing and abseiling. Suitable for the whole family.

Arlberg Alpin, Klettern

Mountain views included

Arlberg Alpin, Klettern

Explore the rock wall with an experienced mountain guide.

Arlberg Alpin, Canyoning

White water

Arlberg Alpin, Hydro Speed

Explore the white water with canyoning